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Current and past clients, in their own words:

"Massage with Kira is a completely rich experience.  It feels good physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  She touches my spirit.  Its not just my muscles that relax, but my mind, thoughts, and energy.  It's a journey to somewhere else.  My soul unwinds and I feel reset.  Her massage is such an art.  She's just exceptional and I can't find words to encapsulate her.  In addition, she is a beautiful soul and person."  --Elizabeth H.

"The three hour massage is like a vacation within my vacation.  The icing on a perfect vacation.  My aches were soothed and I escaped and relaxed.  Such a treat!  I'd rate her four Michelin stars."  --Christine P.

"She is the best the world over.  Hands down.  You cannot get this good of a massage anywhere else in the world.  I have had massages around the world.  She is the best.  And she is a very cool person to get to know because she is like a real life Indiana Jones, Walter Mitty, James Bond, and Stevie Nicks rolled into one person.  When you talk with her and get to know her you will find out why and understand"  --Greg H.

"Kira is just really, really good.  That's all there is to say.  What else would anyone need to know or care about?"  --Steve R.

"June 11, 2017

 To Whom It May Concern


I am writing this letter of reference for Kira Matukaitis Rogala as evidence of the high esteem and regard I have for her.  I have known Kira for over seven years during which time she has faithfully and diligently performed therapeutic massages services for me on a regular basis.  


I believe her skill and talents as a massage therapist are exceptional and she has been as reliable and punctual in the performance of her services as I could have possibly asked for.  She has always conducted herself in a thoroughly professional manner, and I would trust her completely to respect my personal privacy at all times.


Throughout this time period, by nature of the many conversations I have had with Kira, I feel I have become well acquainted with her personal life and her character.  I have been impressed with her individual development and the manner in which she has dealt with life’s challenges.  I have the greatest respect for Kira and I deeply regret the fact that she is moving away from Houston. 


Please consider this an unqualified recommendation of Kira, not only as a massage therapist, but as a business person, and an individual of utmost honesty and integrity."  --James B.

"I am an endurance athlete who has known Kira for many years as we ran ultras together.  She is an excellent technical therapist and I look forward to her massages after every race and event."  --Mike F.